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Functional organisation and n-levels field theory
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 Integration of physiological functions
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- Ageing
- Consciousness

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Drug discovery
 Journal of Integrative Neuroscience
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Comprendre l'organisation du vivant
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Gilbert ChauvetWhat is life? What makes difference between living beings and the matter which make up them? Those questions which bothered me since my youngest age decided of my destiny. I soon knew that I will become…researcher.

Thanks to that site, I would like to share the passion which is mine, to give an account of my works, which I carried on for thirty years now. The researcher mustn't stay in his literary set, he owes explanations and sharings. Not only to the others scientists but also to the whole of the citizens. So let's hope that these pages could enlighten you about the field of my studies and convict you of the necessity of the foundation of a true integrative biology.

 Why intergrative biology ?

Why integrative biology ?

In my view, there's no doubt that the living's principle of organization is to biology exactly what the principle of relativity is, for example, to physics.

If physical and mathematical theories permit to describe the matter, it should be the same concerning life. It seems necessary that a rational explanation could make us understanding harmonious complexity and effective working of a living organism toward the considerable mechanisms which constitute it.

To take on that question implies believing that the organism and each of its interactive parts should partake of an integrative and general system. And that set up the foundations of the integrative biology. At the dawn of this new century, the biology appears like the major discipline for the humanity. The living scientists know that the integration of the biological datas is necessary. It's a precondition for any developments, discovery of new medicines just as well treatments in recovery unit.
As a doctor (but also a mathematician and physician), what interests me is physiology, namely the science of the living which deals with showing working's mechanisms.

In his time, Claude Bernard founded experimental physiology. Right now, from basics mechanisms discovered through experimental means, it's a matter of laying the foundations of a true theory of functional organization, a theoretical construction which might be tested and simulated by computer. That is the purpose of my work: set up the foundations of computational integrative biology.