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Constraints of computational integrative biology
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Constraints due to integration of mechanisms in interactions exist, which is, in other words, subject of the integrative biology.
In fact, we have to describe the working of the system from its sub-systems in interaction (functional), for example, vascular and respiratory systems, constituted themselves by other sub-systems and so on, in a set of mechanisms identified by experience (Russian doll's interlock). Anymore, these mechanisms might be from absolutely different nature - mechanical, chemical, electrical…- but they depend on physical laws..

These constraints impose a theoretical frame in which coupled mechanisms might be analysed :
1) according concepts peculiar to biology ;
2) depending on levels of organizatio;
3) according to physical laws.

As a theoretical frame is constituted by a representation and a mathematical formalism, the choice of this representation and the deduction of the formalism for the treatment of symbols in that representation have to be done.

To integrate, can we do differently than mathematize biology ?

You should have already read my definition of integration in precedent pages. As I see it, it can only be mathematical. And so, the integration of biological mechanisms in interaction goes necessarily through a mathematization of biology. This opinion is less the result of a personal faith than the one of the necessity implied by the nature of biological systems, to wit that they are physical systems equipped with complementary properties, connected with the existence of functional interactions.

In fact :

  • physical laws are localized in time and space
  • functional process which result from the mechanism depend continually on time and space;
  • mechanisms layed on hierarchical anatomical structures ;
  • the evolution in time of a system depending on other one continually regarding time (synchronization) and spac..

Let's repeat it: the approach I do makes above all biology, life sciences, a science of functional process. Biological nature is double: it is at one and the same time physical and biological. Within living, associated units exist because their functional process associated to other one are stabler than what they would have been if they were not functionally connected. This phenomenon specific to the living world doesn't exist in the material world of physic, because the association of two physical systems makes it generally unstable (except conditions to respect). The deep reason of that difference lies in the type of causality, evenemential regarding to the living being, non-evenemential regarding to physical systems. We can add that the biological functional non- locality is a fundamental concept (as non symmetry) because it implies a topographical specialization (geometrical) of the functions which is the characteristic of each living being. Physiology is non localized.
The living is different from physical systems by its hierarchical construction for structural as much as functional, and consequently, by the existence of structural discontinuities. The result of that is an essential characteristic of functional interactions between structural units: it's the notion of non local field associated to evenementialcausality.
Functional interaction, structural unit, source, well, non-locality, non-symmetry, structural hierarchical organization, structural discontinuities: all these concepts are at the roof of my theory. It will permit to integrate biological phenomenon. .

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